Pawan Shukla is a multi-talented author with a unique blend of professional expertise and spiritual wisdom. With a rich background as an experienced sales professional, spiritual philosopher, life coach, energy healer, and hypnotherapist, Pawan brings a holistic perspective to his writing and a wealth of knowledge to his readers.
Having spent several years in the corporate world, Pawan understands the dynamics of sales and marketing intricately. He has a remarkable ability to tap into the human psyche and create connections that drive sales success. His deep understanding of human behaviour and motivations allows him to explore the realms of sales with a fresh and insightful approach.
In addition to his sales expertise, Pawan is deeply rooted in spiritual philosophy. His exploration of ancient wisdom, metaphysics, and personal development has led him to uncover profound insights into the human experience. Through his writings, he shares these transformative teachings, guiding readers on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.
As a life coach, Pawan has empowered significant individuals to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. He combines his intuitive abilities with practical strategies to help people overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and create meaningful change in their lives. His coaching techniques draw from a range of disciplines, including energy healing, hypnotherapy, and past life regression therapy, providing a holistic approach to personal transformation.
Pawan's books offer a rare fusion of practical sales techniques and profound spiritual wisdom. Whether you're a sales professional seeking innovative strategies or an individual searching for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment, Pawan's works provide valuable guidance and inspiration.


Vastu Consultant
Energy Healer
Life Coach
Manager As a Coach
Manager As a CoachManager As a Coach


Unleashing Potential Through Indian Mythology For Sales Professional.

Exploring The Existence of God

A Philosophical Journey through Vedas & Puranas.

Exploring The Existence of GodExploring The Existence of God